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We have been designing and manufacturing furniture ever since the early 1970’s. Times have changed though and so has the company. The company has undergone some restructuring and re-branding. The core of what we stand for stays the same as well as our commitment to delivering quality furniture.


An intimate knowledge and awareness of the needs of the hospitality industry has led to a comprehensive range of products, enabling us to ensure that clients receive furniture that is a tool for their trade, designed in such a way that the basic structural integrity exists in the main frame to ensure long life.

We believe that detail & subtleties of design are important and integrate that philosophy in our product design.

Well-established product lines ensure continuity and allow us to develop and create new products to suit the individual needs of our clients.

Specializing in seating became our goal some years ago, resulting in some special products for a variety of industries, notably - Casino, Fast Food, Clubs, Canteens, Hotel & Conference, Restaurant as well as Special Industrial & Public Area Seating.

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